If hotel management needs to implement efficient security measures without making guests uncomfortable, with Mirasys Video Management Software security management can set user rights and privacy masks to protect guests’ identities.

Different user profiles in the system, for example, receptionists, hotel managers and security staff, and the possibility of using PCs or mobile devices results in fast, high-level services for customers. The user interface is easily customisable and makes the deployment, installation, licence handling and system management effortless without extensive training.

Mirasys VCA

Mirasys Video Content Analytics (VCA) can be used to analyse staffing levels, to ensure that the number of people does not exceed the venue capacity, or to study which areas attract the highest number of people. Mirasys VCA can be used in all supported cameras. VCA makes it possible to analyse each camera picture, and the target can be analysed in many different ways at the same time.

Plan hotel operations more easily by using reports and statistics that show:

  • How long customers are waiting at reception
  • How many customers visit hotel shops and restaurants
  • How many unused spaces are in the carpark per hour
  • Which video management system events and user actions are created over a certain time period


The limitless integration possibilities of the Mirasys VMS give users the freedom to build the best system to serve their specific needs

With Mirasys ANPR+ (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) application, users can automate and enhance car park management services. Mirasys ANPR+ can be integrated with existing access control systems, making it easy to identify vehicles, manage access and monitor both staff and customer carparks. Door phone connectivity gives even more operative flexibility.

Use Mirasys VMS advanced motion detection and alarm setting management to reduce operational costs and the number of false alarms. The Mirasys Reporting+ application provides an extensive overview of alarms and events from multiple sources in order to analyse how the system is operating and how it can be improved.

With Mirasys, users can control thousands of cameras and other devices across multiple sites. The centrally managed Mirasys system allows the user to add or remove cameras and servers, set users’ rights, manage live and recorded video and export evidence with a few simple clicks. Centralised and remote surveillance allow a more productive use of security personnel and minimises maintenance work of the system on the spot. Mirasys systems allow centralised, de-centralised or mixed topology configurations.

Maximise long-term investment

Users can choose to add Mirasys plugins such as ANPR+ for car parking, or they can integrate third party security products such as fire alarms, access control and intruder detection systems into one dynamic interface to present a total visual picture. The information from video images can be linked to the information received from other sensors which also enables the use of IoT (Internet of Things).

Mirasys is an industry-recognised Video Management System (VMS) provider. Many hotels have chosen Mirasys intelligent solutions to help manage and utilise information captured by digital video and CCTV cameras.

The limitless integration possibilities of the Mirasys VMS give users the freedom to build the best system to serve their specific needs. As a fully open and manufacturer-independent solution, Mirasys is easy to integrate with cameras and other devices, systems from third party suppliers and other manufacturers.