Restaurant Brands, the parent company in New Zealand of KFC, Pizza Hut, Carl’s Jr and Starbucks has installed Milestone  XProtect® video management software throughout their chain of restaurants. Thanks to Milestone video the number of thefts has reduced and day-to-day operations have become more efficient leading to significant improvement on the bottom-line.

“Although there was no target set for loss prevention, there was a remarkable increase to the net profit after the installation of the Milestone XProtect video management software. The main benefits of the software included user responsiveness and the open platform that will enable us to integrate with other systems in the future.” - Geoff Holton, Commercial IT Manager at Restaurant Brands Limited (RBL).

The challenge

RBL’s objective was to improve loss prevention by monitoring the different food preparation processes at the restaurants, managing waste levels to lower theft amongst dishonest customers and staff.

The advantages

The Milestone XProtect® solution provides RBL with increased staff safety and more efficient day-to-day operations. Improved loss prevention, leading to a significant improvement to the bottom-line. RBL can easily expand their solution to other uses with the Milestone open platform.

The solution

Installing Milestone Partner Lexel designed and implemented an efficient solution with Milestone XProtect® Corporate to manage more than 1,300 AXIS network cameras throughout RBL’s stores in New Zealand. Lexel set up the users with the XProtect® Smart Client interface and Milestone Mobile, which significantly improves the efficiency in day-to-day operations at the many restaurants.

Effective daily operations with Milestone video

The Milestone solution has been implemented into around 180 restaurants throughout New Zealand. Cameras are installed in all KFC and Carl’s Jr. restaurants and selective locations for Starbucks and Pizza Hut. The goal was to improve efficiency in operations at the restaurants: “The Milestone solution has made day-to-day operations much easier. Prior to this all managers were only able visit one or two stores at a time, but now they look remotely at the foyer area of their stores by using the XProtect Smart Client interface,” said Geoff Holton.

With the XProtect® software, managers can remotely see how many customers each branch has, how many cash registers are open and how many employees are operating the counters. The software also helps them keep track of peak hours and check the restaurants’ performance during these hours.

According to Geoff Holton, the XProtect software is also being used to ensure the high quality of food at the different stores and to manage waste:

"We are also using the Milestone solution to ensure the quality of the food that is made. Now we can go and have a look at how the pizzas are made at Pizza Hut or see if standards are followed when breading chicken at KFC stores. This is all about securing the quality of our products, making sure our staff are safe while working with the hot deep fryers, and managing waste and staffing levels,” said Geoff Holton.

Catching thieves

The Milestone video management software is also being used to avoid theft at the restaurants: “Although there was

"The Milestone open platform allows us to integrate with other analytics which is a big advantage for us"

no target for loss prevention, there was a remarkable increase in net profit after the install of the Milestone video management system. We have just over 5,000 staff, and in the first 20 weeks of the financial year we actually detected 16 people that were stealing. The majority of our employees are honest and hardworking but unfortunately all businesses have theft issues,” said Geoff Holton.

“We did not have a previous surveillance system, which made it difficult to catch thieves and provide evidence of their misdeeds. Now we can monitor the stores and provide video footage of the incident to the police if necessary,” said Geoff Holton.

RBL’s additional benefits using open platform software

The Milestone solution is being used for a broad number of things including general safety and property damage: “We also use the solution to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. Now we can react quickly if a member of the staff is assaulted, for example. Both IT management and supervisors can remotely check on the stores with Milestone Mobile 24 hours a day,” states Geoff Holton.

Holton explains that the uses of the Milestone software might expand even more: “We are thinking about integrating with a point-of-sale (POS) system in the future. The Milestone open platform allows us to integrate with other analytics which is a big advantage for us. It is one of the main reasons we chose the Milestone open platform,” explains Geoff Holton. It was the system integrator Lexel who recommended RBL to go with the Milestone solution, and Lexel Systems thoroughly trained each of the users in how to use the solution. “Lexel is a trusted partner that was able to provide good support during the purchasing, installation and support process. I can highly recommend Lexel,” concludes Geoff Holton.

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