LILIN announced that Aida traffic management solution will be released and unveiled at ISC West 2020.

With the success of LILIN Aida number plate recognition (ANPR), LILIN Aida adds AI traffic management to Aida product line. LILIN Aida can be installed on the edge for traffic analysis where the metadata gets sent to remote Navigator Control Centre.

LILIN Aida ANPR and traffic management can integrate with LILIN Navigator VMS products including Navigator Control Centre, Navigator Corporate, and Navigator Enterprise for event notifications, statistics, and system automation.

Both LILIN Aida and LILIN Navigator products utilise Intel Media SDK for Windows and maximise the GPU processing power for video decoding and rendering. LILIN offer Aida ANPR, traffic management, VMS software, and AI recorders (NAV2000AI and NAV3000AI series) which can run on Intel CPU, GPU, VPU, and NVidia Cuda on Windows OS.

LILIN Aida traffic management

LILIN Aida software is able to run Multiple AI models on distributed AI CPU, GPU, and VPUs of a Server. LILIN Aida ANPR series and Aida traffic management use the latest deep learning technology.

LILIN Aida traffic management by deep learning technology requires thousands of pictures for image labelling

Aida traffic management can provide accurate AI traffic object recognition for parking spot detection, parking violation, turn left violation and turn right violation, wrong way detection with number plate recognition, truck, motorbike and pedestrian violations, queuing detection, average speed detection, and loitering detection.

LILIN Aida traffic management by deep learning technology requires thousands of pictures for image labelling and machine training of object datasets. These processes are time consuming tasks. The datasets are then used for traffic managements.

Intelligent video surveillance

Image labelling needs more attention for inference accuracy. LILIN deep learning processes consist of image labelling, video recognition, and accuracy validation. LILIN design and developed AI-enhanced software combined with intelligent video surveillance edge devices can optimise traffic system.

Mr. Steve Hu, Product Manager of LILIN, said, “We are very pleased to show Aida traffic management solution at ISC West 2020, since our development engineers focused on the AI development for years. Other than AI products, LILIN will demonstrate products for custom install, facial recognition system, QR code for B&B, campus solution, building automation, access control for hotel, and LILINHome app.”