Camden Door Controls, a premier provider of door activation, control and locking products, is proud to bring to market its Virtual Trade Show booth. While the COVID-19 era has prompted many companies to enhance their online presence, the Camden Virtual booth is unlike any other experience to hit the industry.

It is built using Augmented Video Reality (AVR) – a software application that adds a layer of computer interface on top of a pre-recorded video presentation.

Camden sales representative

The tour, led by David Price, Camden’s VP of Corporate Communications & Business Development, allows visitors to interact via various icons and texts that appear on the screen. These include a Features, Info, Demo and Navigate option.

Visitors can opt to view detailed specs or see a close-up product demonstration

The Features portion of the tour includes a hosted tour and overview of Camden’s wide range of product offerings. Visitors can opt to view detailed specs or see a close-up product demonstration. The Next icon allows them to see and get acquainted with the next product highlighted in the tour, as well as request a Zoom Chat with a Camden sales representative, if desired. Visitors can click on any of these icons anytime through their tour or pause it at any time.

Highest level of service

The Virtual Trade Show booth, which is accessible directly from the homepage of Camden’s website, showcases products from each of Camden’s product categories, including its award-winning Kinetic. ‘power harvesting’ wireless system, and wide range of No-Touch/Low Touch solutions.

We are very excited to provide this groundbreaking Augmented Video Reality Virtual Trade Show booth presentation,” Price says. “Camden has always been and continues to be on the cutting edge of innovation. This launch is indicative of our ongoing commitment to provide our customers with the highest level of service.”