Eagle Eye Networks, the global renowned provider of cloud video surveillance, has announced the availability of a passive elevated temperature screening solution with the Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management Systems (VMS).

Eagle Eye Networks will be providing a complete system via its reseller partners which includes a thermal camera, blackbody calibration unit, cloud-based recording subscriptions, and real-time notifications.

Calibration unit

The calibration unit is recommended by the FDA for these applications to increase accuracy

The calibration unit is recommended by the FDA for these applications to increase accuracy. Eagle Eye resellers can offer solutions to restaurants, factories, warehouses, office, retailers, hotels, health care, fitness, and other industries in order to provide passive temperature screening as business resumes.

Elevated temperature screening, although not fully proven, is a potential tool to enhance people’s safety as the world resumes business. The desire to measure everyone’s temperature when entering a facility is new, but the technology was quickly integrated into the open Eagle Eye Video API platform, providing an excellent example of why an open platform is superior,” said Dean Drako, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Eagle Eye Networks.

Eagle Eye Cloud VMS

Dean adds, “You cannot accurately predict all your security system needs as the world and technology changes so rapidly. You really must have an open platform, like the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS, to be prepared.

Applications which require around-the-clock monitoring, such as passive elevated temperature screening, are best accomplished using a cloud video surveillance solution. Leveraging the cloud avoids the need for an attendant to be present, helps in maintaining proper records, and provides for quick deployment in global multi-location situations.

Eagle Eye elevated temperature screening system

The turnkey Eagle Eye elevated temperature screening system includes all the necessary components for efficient functioning. The integrated cameras are manufactured by overseas third-party companies. To address cyber security concerns, Eagle Eye Networks utilises its Cyber Lockdown feature to ensure all cameras are cyber secure at all times. Eagle Eye also supports thermal cameras from Sunell, HikVision, Dahua, Mobotix, FLIR, and other companies.

Joshua Baer, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Capital Factory, the globally renowned start-up incubator in Austin, Texas, US said, "As we look to re-open our facilities in the near future we want to make sure the environment is as safe as possible for our members and entrepreneurs.

Joshua Baer adds, “We see passive thermal elevated temperature measurement as a powerful tool to make sure we are doing what we can to keep everyone safe. The fact that it is fully passive and does not require any action by the members or require attendance by a staff member is critical to us."

Eagle Eye Cloud VMS integration with thermal camera

Existing Eagle Eye Cloud VMS customers can easily add a thermal camera to their existing system

Existing Eagle Eye Cloud VMS customers can easily add a thermal camera to their existing system and perform elevated temperature measurement.

"We all want to do what we can to battle COVID-19," continues Dean Drako, adding "As a cloud video surveillance company we have been working on integrating, testing, and validating thermal cameras for elevated temperature screening."

Complete turnkey system

Darko further said, “Our results have indicated that these solutions, while not perfect, can be a useful tool as we strive to return to a more normal workplace. A number of our partners and customers have asked us to provide a complete turnkey system."

Passive Elevated Temperature screening is a new technology that comes with a complete set of new challenges. Eagle Eye Networks will continue the development on these thermal screening systems to reduce costs, increase accuracy, and improve robustness.