Honeywell, a pioneer in products, software and technologies for connected buildings and homes, announced that its Xtralis VCA suite of security software is available for licensing by third parties. Now, both Xtralis LoiterTrace video detection software and Xtralis IntrusionTrace video detection software will be made available to third parties looking to improve the analytics capabilities of their security offerings. 

Xtralis IntrusionTrace, a high-performance intrusion detection software solution designed for continual outdoor operation is now integrated into its first external partner, Axis Communications Inc., a provider of network video, and their Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP). 

Honeywel-Axis integration 

The ACAP offers a variety of services and applications for select devices to ensure our customers can deploy value-added services on our cameras,” said Alex Walthers, business development manager, ADP, Axis Communications, Inc.  

We are pleased to collaborate with Honeywell to allow mutual customers to embed Honeywell’s Xtralis IntrusionTrace on Axis cameras. This technology brings video detection analytics that has been tested and hardened to the market.” 

Beyond Xtralis IntrusionTrace, the VCA suite available for licensing also includes Xtralis LoiterTrace

Beyond Xtralis IntrusionTrace, the VCA suite available for licensing also includes Xtralis LoiterTrace, an advanced detection system that provides timely notification of unauthorised loitering in both indoor and outdoor areas. 

Intrusion detection products 

 “Nearly three decades ago Xtralis commercialised the first video motion detection product in the industry; and since then our intrusion detection products have been the industry benchmark and top choice for protecting perimeters with the highest security requirements,” said Alessandro Araldi, Vice President of global product management, Honeywell Home and Building Technologies.  

Honeywell is making Xtralis IP available for leading security manufacturers. We are pleased to have Xtralis IntrusionTrace offered on select Honeywell cameras as well as the ACAP and are looking forward to even more manufacturers leveraging our technology,” Araldi added. 

The Xtralis VCA suite can be integrated with cameras, network video recorders, video management systems and third-party panel and platform providers.