Cheshire, UK, based Anekanta Ltd (Anekanta) and New York, USA, based GT Digital (GT) announced that they are working together to progress GT’s patent-pending, innovative, cognitive intelligence platform MediaMaestro.

Through its advanced military-grade proprietary algorithms, MediaMaestro can automatically predict emerging threats before they happen, enable fast mitigating action and provide continuous updates to a rapidly evolving scenario. 

In a society where the threats to the safety and well-being of the individual are ever increasing, whether in public spaces, borders, critical infrastructure, the workplace, at home or at leisure, there is an increasing demand for better situational awareness which enables effective decision making by authorities and business leaders to keep people safe. 

Low threat visibility 

Current technology in the marketplace is hindered by the limited ability to access

Many situations appear to evolve at a lightning pace, yet evidence may be building up days, weeks and months ahead and may also involve groups of people working together. Visibility of an evolving threat is often low. The challenge to the stakeholders is that the situation may already be live by the time action is taken and by then it may be too late. Often the evidence isn’t discovered and connected until post event. 

Current technology in the marketplace is hindered by the limited ability to access, converge, analyse and extract meaning from millions of sources. It can only provide a perspective based on the snapshot of information available at the time.  

Situational awareness 

GT Digital's innovation is a form of artificial intelligence which by Connecting the Dots, combines and analyses any data source, including images from video surveillance, body worn, drone and satellite cameras, building sensors, GPS sensors, any externally accessible data and media source, and predicts intent using its patent pending algorithms. GT’s innovation creates a halo of protection through its dynamic all-round situational awareness surpassing anything on the market currently. 

Anekanta solves problems and adds entrepreneurial value to technology-focused organisations with an interest in artificial intelligence, video surveillance and safety domains. The team brings specialised strategic knowledge and expertise to the GT proposition aiming to further define the target customer and refine the solution.  

Through its corporate consultancy it will also act as a catalyst to enable the business to lay down the early stage financial foundations, build the corporate structure and help the business move forward to piloting the platform. 

Cognitive intelligence platform 

GT Digital Ltd correlates video and data from any source, in any format"

Pauline Norstrom CEO and Founder of Anekanta Ltd “My interest in artificial intelligence in the security domain, is rooted in putting technology to good use in order to benefit society as a whole. GT Digital Ltd’s innovative cognitive intelligence platform aims to do exactly that by preventing acts of disruption before they happen."

"I am delighted to be working with Gary Olson, Len Fertig and the team to help them develop the proposition and move the business forward to the next stage.” 

Gary Olson CEO and Co-Founder GT Digital Ltd “We are excited to have Pauline Norstrom working with us on our goal to help prevent some of the disruptive events in the security domain, protecting lives and property.” 

Artificial Intelligence solution 

CONNECTING THE DOTS - No Human analyst can process or manage the overwhelming amount of digital information efficiently and effectively to initiate preventive action without an Artificial Intelligence solution. We correlate video and data from any source in any format.” 

Len Fertig CFO and Co-Founder GT Digital Ltd “GT Digital is in the “plot prevention” business thanks to ground-breaking technology that alerts security experts before events happen, foiling or at least mitigating the damage to people and property. Not only does this represent a great market opportunity but also a critically important social good.”