New generation Mirasys video management system: Mirasys VMS V8

Mirasys VMS V8 CCTV software

With the Mirasys VMS V8 you can centrally manage and maintain the system, and update servers, client applications, and drivers. In particular, the maintenance and management of the networked video management systems will be significantly enhanced. This saves travel and installation time when the system maintenance does not require travelling to the sites. Improvements that save installation work also include ready-made templates that can be used to import the required data to the system faster. Servers can be preconfigured and cameras and applications pre-installed before the servers are delivered to the sites.

The HTML5-based new user interface makes it easy to use the Mirasys system regardless of the device or location. The modern user interface can also be customised according to individual needs, which will improve the user experience. User profiles are easy to create, manage, and change, allowing each user to have a unique operating interface that is right for him / her, thus increasing productivity and efficiency.

Perfect situational awareness

With Mirasys' new intelligent Smart Event Management integration platform, you control the sources of different events and alarms from different locations and automatically combine them with video images. Mirasys Smart Event Management enables two-way connectivity to external systems, allowing either system to control the other. In the future utilising IoT devices and combining video with other data streams in the video management system will become even more significant. The resulting situational awareness can be utilised in the operative performance of the monitored sites.

Performance requirements do not limit freedom of choice

With the development of camera technologies, the requirements of scalability and performance of video management systems are growing at the same pace. The new Mirasys VMS V8 scales to a wide variety of environments and even exceeds the requirements of frame and bit rates set by new camera technologies. For example, the TruStore technology in the Mirasys V8 system offers the possibility for an unlimited amount of the storage space. This enables the customer's system to be designed freely using the devices that best meet the customer's needs.

In Version 8, Mirasys TruCast (a direct video streaming possibility from a camera to a workstation or Mirasys AVM digital matrix) is complemented by a TruStream feature that automatically / dynamically selects the video stream that is optimal for your screen. TruStream efficiently utilises camera features and enables more simultaneous video streams presented also in a low-power workstation.

In Version 8, Mirasys brings a whole new dimension to system integration and application development through the modern HTTP programming interface.

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