SeeTec Cayuga R9 server-based video analytics

SeeTec Cayuga R9 CCTV software

Video systems are becoming ever larger and more complex - and they often create a veritable flood of image data that makes it difficult for security personnel to identify threats in time. Modern video analysis tools provide a remedy here by drawing attention to relevant events, thereby enabling rapid response.

Server-based image analysis

With SeeTec Analytics Server 3D, a new server-based image analysis module for SeeTec Cayuga is now available for securing buildings and outdoor areas. It automatically detects events such as trespassing or climbing over a fence on the basis of different analysis scenarios, thereby reliably eliminating interferences such as shadows or weather conditions.

Thanks to the full integration in SeeTec Cayuga, all camera models available there can also be used for video analysis. Since the analytics is operated directly on the video management server and integrated using shared memory, system resources are efficiently used and network bandwidth is saved.

Easy deployment

Especially for installers and integrators, SeeTec Analytics Server 3D offers a number of additional advantages: While many other video analytics systems require a large number of parameters to be defined or adapted for the correct detection of objects and events, the SeeTec solution can be deployed easily and quickly by just one person using auto calibration.

In addition, the supplied graphical planning tool helps to determine the optimal camera positions and viewing angles. In addition to the serverbased video analysis, SeeTec Cayuga R9 has also expanded its support for third-party products. Via the SeeTec Analytics Interface, two additional video analysis products for the use on Axis cameras can now be connected to SeeTec Cayuga: Digital Barriers SafeZone-edge and Axis Perimeter Defender.

Uninterrupted playback

One further feature SeeTec Cayuga R9 provides for the increasing size of video projects – especially for systems that are spread over multiple sites or across a branch network. Here access to archive recordings can often only take place via narrow-band networks, for example via DSL connections. However, the image data are mostly stored on the server in high quality and resolution (e.g. Full HD or 4k), which is why a smooth playback of those video recordings is technically not possible in these cases.

In SeeTec Cayuga R9, the Transcoded Playback can help: It allows the definition and transmission of video streams with reduced resolution, quality and frame rate according to the available bandwidth. This allows uninterrupted playback even in narrow-band networks, with the recorded picture material always being preserved in its original quality.

Improved user interface

Especially to improve the usability with high-resolution monitors, the user interface has been thoroughly revised in SeeTec Cayuga R9. For example, larger fonts provide better readability and redesigned icons allow a more intuitive system operation. The colour scheme has also been made clearer for screens with a low contrast ratio. The SeeTec Mobile Client for Android-based tablets and smartphones has been redesigned in contemporary material design, too.

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