Dallmeier GDPR Module - Video Security, Data Protection And Data Security

 GDPR module CCTV software
Model CodeGDPR module
Software TypeSurveillance Software
Model Info
  • Pixellation of entire individuals with “People Masking“
  • Setup of “Private Zones“
  • Specification of the storage period for each individual camera and recording track to guarantee deletion upon fulfilment of purpose
  • Rendering areas that are insignificant for legal data protection purposes visible with detailed, virtual 3D-simulation as early as the project planning stage
  • “Dual control principle“
  • User group management with AD/LDAP
  • A secure network authentication procedure according to IEEE 802.1X
  • End-to-end encryption with TLS 1.2 / 256 bit AES
  • Specification of the recording time for each user group.
  • Reliable detection and prevention of attempts to connect in the course of hacker attacks.
  • Capability to use recording appliances as the security gateway to the video system.
  • Development of all hardware, software and firmware solutions in-house, thereby preventing any hidden access potential via backdoors, and hardened operating systems
  • Failover and redundancy mechanisms against data loss
  • LGC certification for preservation of evidence