Vicon VLR-VN-GW-LIC License for Valerus-ViconNet Gateway

 VLR-VN-GW-LIC CCTV software
Software TypeManagement Software
Model Info
  • Provides a simple migration path to bridge existing ViconNet® systems to Valerus VMSTM
  • Available as software only or preinstalled on Vicon certified hardware
  • Supports existing ViconNet systems from 5.6d or later
  • A single Gateway can support up to 500 ViconNet channels; multiple Gateways can be used to support ViconNet systems larger than 500 cameras
  • For small ViconNet systems with 75 cameras or less, the Gateway can be combined onto the Valerus Application Server; for ViconNet systems with more than 75 cameras, a dedicated Gateway is required