Protecting commercial properties is complicated and goes beyond safeguarding people and property. Security professionals respond to the needs of the business, staff, contractors, and visitors and deal with the realities of property damage, theft, and disgruntled employees. Ava helps the team react to anomalies and policy enforcement in real-time. Instead of merely investigating incidents, organisations can take the necessary steps to prevent them.

Spotlight brings relevant feeds to the operator’s attention and triggers real-time alerts to address threats before they escalate. Leverage integrated video and audio analytics to give an enhanced understanding of the camera feeds. Respond to loitering challenges, access anomalies, theft incidents, fires, and more.

Identifying suspicious people

Smart Search allows operators to search by appearance, events, objects, similarity, or image. Recovering lost or stolen objects, identifying suspicious people like unescorted visitors, investigating health incidents or damage to the property, performing cleaning crew inspections now take minutes instead of hours.

Combine with access control to identify tailgating or fire or active shooter scenarios

To gain occupancy insights, operators can leverage Ava Aware’s unique Map view with Smart Presence. By adding floor plans and maps of premises, people and vehicles appear as dots in their precise on-site locations. Operators can see live footage as they move on the cameras’ fields of view. Combine with access control to identify tailgating or fire or active shooter scenarios.

Connect Ava Aware to the cloud to achieve easy and simple deployment and access from anywhere in the world. Share links of recorded video with team members, claim investigators, and law enforcement, regardless of whether they have admin access to Aware or not. Get a secure download of video files in a standard mp4 format with digital watermarking for authenticity.

Key benefits delivered are as follows:

  • Integrate with existing cameras
  • Hundreds of hours saved in forensic searches
  • Add access control to extend capabilities
  • Video & metadata storage remain on-premises
  • Full site survivability and local access
  • Increase operational productivity and reduce facility costs
  • Distribute heat and cooling efficiently, optimise cleaning and workplace productivity through hot-desking insights
  • Use people flow insights to manage people and vehicle queues efficiently
  • Automatically decrease storage demands from all the recordings
  • Reduce bandwidth consumption on critical links with AI-based optimisation
  • Pay for what is needed, when it is needed, without the hassle of complicated licensing
  • Up to 200 cameras per Ava appliance— small footprint support for larger facilities
  • One-click Ava Dome and Ava 360 camera configuration
  • Encrypted media at rest and in transit
  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Digital watermarking to prevent tampering
  • Simple subscription model without hidden costs or analytics add-ons

With a simple licencing model, Vaion always includes services and software upgrades. They no longer have to worry about integration charges, operator charges, API fees, or the complexity between small, medium, large, and enterprise services.