Aerocharter is a provider of technical, operational, and commercial services to support aviation. Its main activities are cargo services, including handling, storage and supervision of cargo, in parking apron and warehouse.

In addition to ramp operations with loading and unloading options, Aerocharter also provides services in aircraft movement, cargo insurance, and security, line maintenance, among others.

Video security with AI technology

To strengthen its state-of-the-art services, Aerocharter required a video security system with high reliability and advanced technology, which would allow it to monitor all its processes in an agile way, to safeguard its assets and clients, and follow up in real time, the transfer of packages from collection to delivery, in the cargo area of 48 stations nationwide, where it currently offers services.

The challenge was accepted by Juan Antonio Álvarez, General Manager of Bast Solutions, who presented the proposal with solutions from Dahua Technology. He said, “Dahua's artificial intelligence technology made it possible to meet the needs of Aerocharter, for both on-site and mobile video surveillance, and for access control, in different areas of the company.

PTZ cameras with artificial intelligence

To date, Dahua Technology security systems have been implemented in 19 of 38 Aerocharter facilities

To date, Dahua Technology security systems have been implemented in 19 of 38 Aerocharter facilities, while a monitoring center in CDMX, with a two-month storage capacity, manages all the information. The video surveillance system in warehouses includes PTZ cameras with artificial intelligence, which enables monitoring and a box-counting algorithm.

In ramp services, operators use cameras to guarantee the best practices in cargo handling, while mobile cameras and recorders are used in the collection vehicles, so as to provide video evidence of the transfer processes. The access control system provides real-time supervision of the flow of personnel, in warehouses, maintenance bases, spare parts warehouses, and storage areas for valuable items.

Juan Antonio Álvarez adds, “In large projects, we solved difficulties with Dahua Technology's engineering team, particularly in mobile video surveillance, where we achieved excellent results.

Expansion of Aerocharter’s business opportunities

With these systems providing greater security in the processes of logistics and the safeguarding of goods, the commercial relationship between Aerocharter and Viva Aerobús has been strengthened. Better practices realised by the new solution, provided by Dahua Technology, helped Aerocharter expand its business opportunities and attract new international clients.

In addition to the benefits from the surveillance system, the direct impact on the business is an added value that Aerocharter has found in the Dahua Technology solution. For example, it has managed to minimise the incidence of loss or theft of merchandise, in the ramp areas, the productivity of workers has increased, in the disembarkation area, there is greater care in handling luggage when the maintenance frequency of the gondolas that transport the suitcases has been reduced.

Threat of cargo theft eliminated

Additionally, in the ramp assistance lines, the theft of belongings inside the cargo compartment of the plane was eradicated.

Juan Antonio Álvarez concludes, “The implementation of the system is still lacking in 19 more Aerocharter facilities, however, with the results obtained, the client is already thinking of expanding the project.