Being isolated on the edge of wilderness means there’s a need for a video system that is both reliable and flexible.

For that reason, the team at Jackson Hole Airport (JAC), since 2009, has relied on video management software (VMS) from Milestone Systems, to enhance security, safety, and efficiency at the airport.

Milestone XProtect VMS installed

At the edge of the frontier, Jackson Hole Airport has experienced considerable growth over the years. Significant capital investments in expansions have made new video system integrations possible several times and Milestone XProtect VMS has supported the airport’s needs along the way.

As of 2020, over 220 cameras are in use, but the airport shows no signs of slowing down

As of 2020, over 220 cameras are in use, but the airport shows no signs of slowing down. New projects will include building a fuel farm, a car wash, and expanded parking facilities. As the need to increase security continues, XProtect open platform software will enable IT team growth and the seamless integration of new cameras, and data storage capabilities.

Enhanced situational awareness

All video is kept for up to a full year, with most of the system’s cameras set for motion recording, around the clock. As a result, administrators achieve greater situational awareness and better security. The video system has enabled improvements throughout the entire airport.

For example, Jackson Hole Airport contends with a great deal of plane de-icing, for several months each year. The process occurs at a distance from the main buildings. Thanks to the video expansion, each airline is now able to monitor the de-icing of their planes. Allowing airline personnel to monitor progress on their own has saved airport staff time and resources.

Monitoring security

In addition, the airport uses the system to closely monitor the security checkpoint, to capture video documentation, in case of an incident. By monitoring baggage areas, it’s possible to investigate lost bags and left-behind items, by reviewing recorded video.

New 4K multi-sensor cameras support an investigatory system, helping staff see previously uncovered areas. The cameras capture high-resolution video and provide enough data to zoom in, after the fact.

Deployed Agent Vi’s video analytics

Milestone Systems’ XProtect Smart Client has improved general situational awareness in the airport

Additionally, the team has deployed video analytics from Agent Vi, to provide a layer of automated alarms, for flagging abnormal occurrences. For example, video analytics can detect travellers moving against the foot traffic flow and crossing into restricted areas.

Milestone Systems’ XProtect Smart Client has improved general situational awareness in the airport. Authorised users now have a new standard for accessing surveillance remotely. It provides seamless viewing of live and recorded video, instant control of cameras and connected security devices, and a comprehensive activity overview.

Force multiplication using advanced technology

The ongoing use of Milestone’s VMS makes it possible to maintain the independence and efficiency of a small team of personnel, delivering maximum security at the edge of a wild frontier.

Andrew Wells, IT Manager for the Jackson Hole Airport, said “Situational awareness for our team and our clients allow us to be as secure and efficient as possible, with our small team. The flexibility of the open platform VMS allows us to scale our system and add the features we need now and in the future.

Jackson Hole Airport

Jackson Hole Airport lies seven miles north of Jackson, Wyoming, at the base of the Teton Mountains, in the USA. It is unique for being entirely within the Grand Teton National Park limits.

It is the busiest airport in the state of Wyoming, with nearly 500,000 in-bound passengers welcomed annually. The Jackson Hole Airport covers over 500 acres of land area and has one runway, nine boarding gates, and three baggage carousels.