In addition to traditional security and monitoring functions, Milestone’s open platform video management system at Nemours Children’s Hospital is used to help deliver unique services across departments including radiology and cardiology, behavioural health and autism clinics, for aggression detection, medication tracking, and more.

As one of the largest integrated children’s health systems in the U.S., Nemours Children’s Hospital is committed to keeping the highest quality care, even at home for the convenience of patients and their families.

Health system services

To achieve this, technology plays a large role in their health system services. With over 1,800 network cameras throughout the facilities both inside and out, Nemours has utilised network video for years. The video system has grown in size and sophistication, as the technical team at Nemours has built on the open platform of Milestone XProtect Corporate video management software (VMS) with impressive results.

The Nemours Tactical Logistics Center (TLC) has 15 large wall monitors

Milestone XProtect Corporate VMS, Smart Client, and Mobile Client • Recording and Archiving Servers from Lenovo and HP • Flexibility to expand the system and innovate with new integrations. The Nemours Tactical Logistics Center (TLC) has 15 large wall monitors and serves as mission control for the hospital video system. A fixed network camera in each patient room does not record ongoing video, but the TLC can use XProtect Screen Recorder to capture live video from the displays if needed.

Medical records system

When the video is being accessed by authorised personnel, a LED notification will flash, letting those in the room know that the camera is monitoring the child in real time. The video system is also integrated with Epic Monitor, the hospital’s electronic medical records system, allowing patients’ medical information to display on the screen. In addition, Nemours offers CareConnect, a 24/7/365 on-demand video-based, paediatric telehealth program, which provides family access to paediatricians through a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Nemours uses their video system in both traditional and non-traditional ways, including a range of such integrations. These help the hospital improve facility efficiency, lower operational costs and deliver a better patient experience. For example, in the perinatal department, ultrasound technicians have the ability to share videos of scans with remote professionals in real time.

Additional ultrasound scans

The video system also plays a vital role in mass casualty drills or actual emergencies

While a diagnostic-level reading is still necessary, remote video offers a great level of efficiency for providers because they have the option to give guidance to technicians, enabling a more thorough service, and perhaps saving the patient from additional ultrasound scans. Also, with remote connectivity through the Milestone XProtect Smart Client, if providers are home or traveling, they can quickly check in on patients through mobile devices, easily ensuring continuity of care.

This capability made a huge difference when the COVID-19 pandemic appeared. The video system also plays a vital role in mass casualty drills or actual emergencies, helping officials to make real-time decisions on routing traffic or patients to or from other hospitals.

Providing care excellence

And with XProtect Screen Recorder, local facilities can capture video from displays and rebroadcast it to hospital leadership for additional direction. It gives them the ability to assist remotely and call other rapid response teams if needed. Overall, the easy integrations and scalability of the Milestone video system have had a very positive impact on the hospital network, helping reshape how Nemours is able to provide care excellence.

The Milestone open platform allows me the flexibility to source and integrate third-party products and capabilities, enabling us to greatly expand and customise the tools and services that we provide to the organisation and our patients,” said Joe Summanen, Technical Architect, Nemours Children’s Hospital.