ACT365 Contact Traceability Reporting

Vanderbilt ACT365 CCTV software

Contact traceability reporting is the latest feature to be added to ACT365, the cloud-based access control and video management system.

The latest feature to the award-winning cloud system helps system-users adhere to new health and safety standards due to COVID-19.

For instance, thanks to contact traceability reporting, users of ACT365 can now successfully:

  • Track potentially infected employees and the doors they enter.
  • See people who entered the same door/room.
  • Contact any employee with details from an exported Excel report via ACT365.
  • Monitor doors that require cleaning or disinfecting.

ACT365’s contract traceability reporting helps businesses create a safer and cleaner environment for their staff. System users can now remotely monitor their office from anywhere in the world, including tracking international travelers to their site.

How it works:

Once an employee tests positive for COVID-19, the office manager can trace their movements within the building during a filtered timeframe. This can be achieved by entering the employee’s cardholder ID details into ACT365 and generating a contact traceability report. This report can be downloaded to Excel, and the manager can identify all doors the infected employee entered in the past two weeks.

Other employees who also entered those rooms can also be traced and contacted to inform them to self-isolate. Affected doors can also be identified and cleaned.

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