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Decrease Reaction Time. Increase Awareness. Improve Your Security.

The victor Video Management System (VMS) and VideoEdge Network Video Recorder (NVR) platforms allow users to see and prevent more events before they occur. Save administrator resources with powerful features like person-based intelligent search, narrowing down search time from minutes to seconds and gain the upper hand against potential threats. Leveraging high-performance smart video searching, video intelligence, and case management along with an extensive feature set, users gain greater situational awareness.

VideoEdge network video recorders are available with a full range of purpose-built appliances to manage surveillance in comprehensive environments both onsite and remotely. Maintain dozens of cameras per network video recorder with capabilities for both IP and hybrid installations. The flexibility of VideoEdge provides users with powerful analytics to gather employee and consumer information that aid in forensic investigation or business intelligence. Mix and match hundreds of VideoEdge IP or hybrid NVRs to accommodate thousands of cameras into one cohesive victor VMS ecosystem.

Designed with a scalable portfolio of clients, customizing a victor solution for any business is simple. From the easy-to-use victor Express to the command and control of victor Professional, the VMS allows your company to use smarter technologies that include tools to reduce bandwidth costs. Combine deployments into victor Enterprise to manage a robust infrastructure in support of thousands of VideoEdge network video recorders. Bring together access control, intrusion, and fire systems correlated with video into one powerful, intuitive interface that operates in seamless harmony. victor is your always on, always available, secure video surveillance solution.

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Technical Specification

Make American Dynamics
Category Surveillance software products
Model code victor and VideoEdge
Software Type: Management Software
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Known industry-wide as one of the best integration programs, victor and VideoEdge offer robust partnership capabilities with many other security, life safety, and building management systems. Using the victor client as your single point for all alarm and event management – including video, access control, intrusion, fire, and building management subsystems - one user interface minimizes operator training and learning curve, and offers the most complete protection.

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