AxxonSoft AxxonNet video management software to build cloud-based video surveillance solutions (VSaaS)

 AxxonNet CCTV software
Model CodeAxxonNet
Software TypeManagement Software
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AxxonNet is video management software that enables communications service providers and system integrators to build cloud-based video surveillance solutions (VSaaS) that harness the power of AxxonSoft's neural network analytics and intelligent search for recorded video.


AI Facial and License Plate Recognition
Identify and track persons or vehicles of interest across multiple cameras.

Intelligent Search Across Recorded Videos
Quick search by multiple criteria: motion in area(s), crossing of a line, object color or size, etc.

AI Fire and Smoke Recognition
Early detection of fire hotspots in areas where other types of sensors are ineffective.

Integration with Third-Party Systems
Access control systems, security control panels, cash registers, third-party software, and more.

AI Behavior Analytics
Early recognition of threats based on specific human postures such as raised arms.

Multi-Level User Rights Management
Access to all cameras via the interactive map in accordance with user rights.

Retail Analytics
Visitor counting, age and gender guesstimation, queue management and motion heatmapping.

Comprehensive Reports
Custom reports from any client's facility based on detection tools, alarms and retail analytics.

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