Exacq Facial Matching- Intelligent Alerts

Product Profile

Respond immediately to critical situations and provide a safe environment for employees, students, event attendees and others.

Exacq’s Facial Matching- Intelligent Alerts solution, enabled by Tyco AI, provides immediate notification of arriving persons of interest. Faces can be classified into different categories, so that personnel can be deployed to respond quickly and appropriately. This deep learning facial recognition engine provides high accuracy facial matching, even with partially obscured faces due to glasses, hats, and varied angles of view.

Learn more about exacqVision software during our 20-minute webinar: https://www.exacq.com/webinar_new/#load=1636588800

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Technical Specification

Make exacqVision
Category Surveillance software products
Model code Exacq Facial Matching
Software Type: IP Surveillance Software
Additional info
  • Deep learning facial matching
  • Integrated directly into exacqVision
  • Works with any camera WITH H.264 stream
  • Register faces automatically from triggered events
  • Real time notifications via email
  • Mobile app push notifications
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