March Networks Cloud Storage Solution

Product Profile

The March Networks Advantage

Pain Point 1
Only local backup means the potential for the loss of important video.

March Networks Solution
Backup to the cloud means you can keep all of your videos, or just the important ones, safe with complete redundancy and maximum reliability.

Pain Point 2
Different branches or stores have different bandwidth situations meaning it’s not possible to have a one size fits all public cloud solution.

March Networks Solution
Some branches/stores with high bandwidth can go to public/private cloud, while others with low bandwidth can go to local/overnight uploads to the public/private cloud.

Selected Use Cases

Retail Store Opening and Closing Audit

  • Enables multiple organizations to audit (Marketing, etc.)
  • Risk reduction through comprehensive video audits
  • Saves time and money

Automated License Plate or Person Detection

  • Automatically push only key events to the Cloud
  • By specific or all cameras or recorders
  • Saves time and money, and provides peace of mind

Banking Use Cases

ATM Theft & Vagrancy Events

  • Speeds response time with immediate alerts and tags based on:
    • Shock sensors
    • Power loss sensors
    • Intrusion sensor
    • Vagrancy
  • Direct backup and communication of incidents as they happen

Safe/Vault Alarm Monitoring

  • Speeds response time with immediate alerts and tags
  • Direct backup and communication of incidents as they happen
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Technical Specification

Make March Networks
Category Surveillance software products
Model code Cloud Storage Solution
Software Type: Management Software
Additional info
  • Never lose important video with truly redundant cloud storage backup
  • Extend the length of time you can store video, helping you meet compliance requirements
  • Address varied bandwidth by location, by pushing all video, or only some videos, such as triggered alarms, to the cloud
  • Automated video uploads and backups of all video, or just most important videos, to the cloud from select or all cameras and recorders, saving time and money
  • Support IT department’s strategy to move all Enterprise Apps to the cloud while providing the flexibility of a Public/Private/local storage implementation to support the unique storage and bandwidth demands of an Enterprise Video Surveillance system
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