March Networks Searchlight for Retail

Product Profile

March Networks Searchlight for Retail enables all types of retail organisations – including specialty retail, grocery stores, quick service restaurants (QSRs) and convenience stores (c-stores) – to reduce losses from theft, oversee operations, improve customer service and increase profits.

The intelligent software integrates clear surveillance video with data from retail systems including point-of-sale (POS) and RFID tags to alert loss prevention staff and business owners to instances of potential theft, and reduce investigation times from hours to minutes. In addition, Searchlight’s optional business analytics (e.g. people counting, dwell time monitoring and queue length) combined with video data provide valuable insights on occupancy, speed of service, transactions conducted with no customer present, and customer interest.

Available as a standalone software application, or as a hosted software as a service (SaaS) for a low monthly fee, Searchlight for Retail delivers key benefits to retailers including:

  • Transaction Summaries. View and compare user-definable report summaries (voids, refunds, discounts, etc.) to identify potential issues based on transaction trends over time.
  • Transaction Reports. Review transaction data integrated with video to quickly investigate instances of potential internal theft, and to evaluate employee behavior at the POS.
  • Business Analytics. Uncover customer trends and employee Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and gain insight into overall store or restaurant operations.
  • Operations Audits. Review snapshots from the cameras at your locations to see what’s happening, and discern operational issues like cleanliness, safety concerns, placement of promotional displays, etc.
  • Business Rules. Detect possible fraud by reviewing lists of transactions and events that are important to you, e.g., no sales, safe drops, and transactions that exceed a certain amount, and be automatically alerted about these events via email.
  • Security Audits. Filter by location ID and/or alarm type, and view alarm video from the vantage point of one or multiple cameras; export alarm details along with relevant video and audio evidence.
  • Integrate your video surveillance system with leading POS and RFID software. A portfolio of POS and RFID integrations are available off-the-shelf; customised integrations can be configured as needed.
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Technical Specification

Make March Networks
Category Surveillance software products
Model code Searchlight for Retail
Software Type: Surveillance Software
Additional info
  • Integrates with March Networks Command Client
  • Integration with leading POS solutions
  • Hourly or daily transaction reports and dashboards
  • Search, sort, and review transactions by line item, with associated video and audio
  • Use data from people counts, queue length, dwell times, and presence detection to improve and grow your business
  • Configurable rules identify unusual transactions
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