ComNet adds Monitor software platform to growing portfolio

Product Profile

Razberi Monitor is a software platform that provides a top-down view of the physical security network and ecosystem without IT resources. Purpose-built for security professionals, it monitors and manages all the system components for cybersecurity and system health and can be deployed from the cloud or on-premise. It provides secure visibility into the availability, performance, and cyber posture of servers, storage, cameras, and other networked security devices. It also predicts and prevents problems while providing a centralized location for IT departments to view video data.

What is Monitor’s key USP?

A vital benefit of Monitor is that it protects against the multiple commonly cited cyberattack vulnerabilities. These include weak passwords, the failure to update software or firmware, the lack of best practices for routine maintenance, and not aligning with network IT policy. The benefit of having Monitor ensures shorter response times to cybersecurity events along with real-time alerts and logs to proactively notify users of active threats. It can detect cyber posture and problems with servers, cameras, and other IoT devices in real-time. You can track security devices by location and get deep visibility into configurations, operating systems, and firmware status. This means that without IT resources, you can still know what devices need updates and patches.

Why choose Monitor?

Monitor can be offered to enterprises as a managed service with a monthly subscription. This means no significant upfront costs and the ability to free up cash flow. The Monitor software will optimize and secures networks, reducing costs, time, and manpower required to install and manage an enterprise network. Users can create custom views and alerts by location, device, and problem type. They can use these reports to demonstrate system performance and compliance, share access to these reports with their service provider for proactive support, and reduce service calls.

Monitor in Action

Monitor enables proactive maintenance by offering problem resolutions before they become more significant issues.  It does this by ensuring that the system is working as expected through continuous checks on the system’s health and cybersecurity and prevents service outages with early warning indicators.

Identifying issues before they fail and become an outage is key to system availability and, moreover, is a considerable OPEX cost saving. For example, if there is an incident in a supermarket and a client wanted to review their cameras, only to realize that they had stopped recording some weeks before. With Monitor, if the client’s cameras are failing or are in any way beginning to compromise, this would be immediately detected by Monitor and flagged in advance of it failing. Thus, when an incident does occur that requires video verification, clients can be assured that the video data will be available to review the incident.

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Technical Specification

Make Vanderbilt
Category Surveillance software products
Model code Razberi Monitor
Software Type: Monitoring Software
Additional info

Razberi Monitor™ is a cloud-based platform that manages the health and cybersecurity of multiple enterprises and/or sites. Monitor™ shortens the time it
takes to resolve issues and reduces the number of site visits required.

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